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Danielle Kennedy           
Real Estate Trainer

Danielle Kennedy is real estate sales legend. By the fourth year of her career, she closed on 105 homes, while raising a family of five children. She kept this record for 10 years. Then she met the broker-owner challenge, managing three highly successful real estate offices and capturing 30% of the market share.

Now, Kennedy is the president/owner of Danielle Kennedy Productions and a renowned motivational speaker, sales trainer, consultant and coach. She has authored the most important sales and personal development books available in the industry today. To name a few: How To List and Sell Real Estate, Double Your Income in Real Estate Sales, Seven Figure Selling, and

Danielle writes columns for Realtor (R) and Real Estate Professional magazines. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Communications, a Masters Degree in Professional Writing from University of Southern California, and an honorary Doctorate in Humanities. She was inducted into the National Speakers Association's "hall of fame". The Sales and Marketing Executives International honored her with their highest professional designation "Ambassador Of Free Enterprise".

Kennedy resides with her husband Mike in Sun Valley, Idaho. They are the parents of 8 children and 2 grandchildren. So far!

What makes an excellent speech? The speaker herself! And the excellence of the speaker's life. A full and rich life. Saturated with risk-taking adventures. A willingness to grow and stretch. To move beyond what one is today and grow into a stronger more committed passionate, and loving human being tomorrow. Danielle Kennedy feels that is her only goal in life - to grow in love and generosity. Meaning her willingness to share generously her talents, experiences and gifts with those she serves. She commits to that with every audience and to every human being she comes in contact with each day. True success for her is defined in terms of giving of one's gifts.

Danielle Kennedy epitomizes the excellent speaker because she has truly lived a deeply rewarding life. A mother of 8 children who has managed to raise and educate them through college. Married at 19 she returned to school to receive her bachelors degree in Theatre Communications when she was in her thirties. At age 45 she returned to graduate school and attained a masters degree in professional writing at the University of Southern California.

All of these babies and education happened in the midst of her becoming one of the leading straight commissioned salespeople in the world. Her legendary sales career propelled her into the speaking and sales training field. She has written 7 best selling books.

In 1994 Sales and Marketing Executives International named Danielle their international "Ambassador of Free Enterprise". The first woman to receive such an honor. She was inducted that year into the Sales and Marketing Executives Hall of Fame along with the CEO of Sears and AllState Insurance. Her lifelike picture is permanently displayed in The Sales and Marketing Executives Hall of Fame at Enterprise Square in Oklahoma City.

Where did Danielle Kennedy get the discipline and strength to juggle four enormously successful careers, a family of 8 and numerous other philanthropic activities?

"I have a deep faith in God that was passed on to me from my Irish and Italian immigrant grandparents. Physically I have always been strong because I learned to discipline myself regarding exercise at an early age. I was a trained competitive ice skater most of my grade school and high school years. Then in college and after I got married and had children I studied and performed as an actress. All of this background prepared me emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the business world. The world of sales in particular is very stressful. My strong faith and discipline enabled me to reach goals many never realize. I was vaccinated with a "do it now" attitude of gratitude from an early age. To my parents and grandparents I am most grateful."

Danielle has spoken in every state in the U.S., hundreds of cities and in such countries as England, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. She has also appeared on numerous talk shows and been featured in major newspaper and magazine articles.

Real Estate Book: How to List and Sell Real Estate in the 21st Century

"How to List and Sell Real Estate in the 21st Century"
By Danielle Kennedy & Warren Jamison


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